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Overview Since its premiere in 2005, Chiten has staged this version of The Seagull in a variety of spaces, from an outdoor theatre to an opera house, a tearoom, and a cafe. The original play includes many dramatic elements, including a play-within-a-play, an opulent salon, failed romance, and a youthful suicide. But Chiten liberates the play from its conventional setting and turns any location into the “theatre” for the performance. The final version was staged at UNDER-THROW, Chiten’s Kyoto performance space, where a special “tea service” was offered in which audiences were served while speaking dialogue from the play. Bringing the period of the drama’s setting to life for contemporary audiences, the conceit also emphasized the fictional nature of theatre and presented the live actors as part of a documentary.




Photo by Japan performing Arts Foundation



2005.8.21 / 9.3 TOGA ART PARK of Toyama prefecture [Toyama]
Text Anton Pavlovich Chekhov
Transration Kiyoshi Zinzai
Direction Motoi Miura
Cast Satoko Abe
Dai Ishida
Yusuke Oba
Yohei Kobayashi
Soge Shing
Staff Assistant Director: Takuya Murakawa
Lighting: Yukiko Yoshimoto
Movie: Shinpei Yamada
Stage Design: Itaru Sugiyama
Sound: Toshihiro Dooka
Lighting Operation, Assistant: Kenichi Kasai, Fumie Takahara
Production Co-ordination: Yuna tajima, Yusuke Hashimoto
Produced by Chiten