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Overview This performance is a collage of fragments taken from texts that represent Japan’s modern history, starting with the enactment of the Constitution of the Empire of Japan and continuing through to the promulgation of the postwar Constitution of Japan. The landscape of Japan’s nineteenth- and twentieth-century history is woven out of these series of texts, revealing the inherent contradictions of a nation that evolved into a democracy while retaining an emperor system. The paradoxes of the past remain unvoiced even today. The performance was acclaimed as Chiten’s most musical to date and was popular with audiences in spite of its contentious themes.







Photo by Hisaki Matsumoto


2014.12.27-28  UNDER-THROW
2015.1.18-19 / 4.15-16 / 7.10-13  UNDER-THROW
Text Constitution of the Empire of Japan, Ieji by Mariko Asabuki, Gyokuon-housou (Jewel Voice Broadcast, the radio broadcast by Emperor Hirohito announcing the end of the Second World War) (colloquial version), Japan National Press Club Official Press Conference Records (October 31st, 1975), Zou (The Elephant) by Minoru Betsuyaku, lectures by Tsuyoshi Inukai (Inukai Bokudo), Er (He) by Franz Kafka, Constitution of Japan (Preamble)
Motoi Miura
Satoko Abe
Dai Ishida
Koji Ogawara
Shie Kubota
Saki Kohno
Yohei Kobayashi
Lighting: Yasuhiro Fujiwara
Sound: Toshihiro Dooka
Stage Manager: Nobuaki Oshika
Producution Co-ordinator: Aya Komori, Yuna Tajima
Presented by Chiten LLC.