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Chiten opened UNDER-THROW in July 2013 in the Kitashirakawa area of Kyoto. The name is derived from a Japanese-English word meaning “under pitching” and which usually refers to a submarine pitch in baseball. The word appears in a poem by Chuya Nakahara and also has the nuance of a theatre culture emanating from underground, reminiscent of the name for the postwar Japanese angura (underground) theatre movement.
UNDER-THROW is both a rehearsal studio and a performance atelier for the company’s repertoire of work and new creations. The location was originally a live music venue but was derelict when Chiten took it over. Being located underground and effectively soundproof, the space is ideal for full blackouts and Chiten’s trademark acoustically centered performances. Renovation work ultimately lasted 18 months. Everything about the space, from the materials for the floor to the color of the walls, was decided collectively by the company. In this sense, UNDER-THROW is a collaborative theatre space expressing the ideas and sensibilities of all the members of Chiten.
The company also offers a special “Cultivate Tickets” system, where you can purchase a ticket and another ticket is then made available free of charge to another audience member. These endeavors are part of the company’s efforts to foster a theatergoing community in Kyoto.

21-B1F Kitashirakawakubota-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, JAPAN 606-8266
Tel +81-(0)80-6189-9226