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No Light
This winter, Chiten presents performances of two pieces by the Nobel Prize winning Austrian author Elfriede Jelinek—No Light (2011) andNoise. Vision Obscured! (2021). No Light was inspired by the Great East Japan Earthquake, tsunami, and the subsequent nuclear disaster of March 2011, while Noise. Vision Obscured! depicts the global COVID-19 pandemic.

This production of No Light is a new, multilingual staging of one of Chiten’s most well-known and critically acclaimed performances. Over many years, Chiten has developed a uniquely musical and material methodology for speaking onstage. The 2012 and 2014 performances of No Light drew on this technique to present a melding of rich language and vivid imagery that grew increasingly powerful over the course of the performance, depicting the border between the living and the dead, humanity being swept up by technology, and the chaos Japanese people experienced in the immediate aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake. In these performances of No Light, the resonance between language and imagery worked in tandem with the truly spectacular scale of the theatre space to leave audiences in awe.


After Chiten’s first encounter with Jelinek in No Light, they continued to create theatrical adaptations of her work with performances of Sports Play (2016) and Don’t Worry About It (2017, originally titled Macht Nichts). Next, Chiten premiered their first performance of Jelinek in five years in the summer of 2021 by staging Noise. Vision Obscured! (2021, originally titled Lärm. Blindes Sehen. Blinde sehen!), in Hamburg, Germany. References to Greek mythology are a reoccurring element in Jelinek’s work, and this piece is no exception, featuring an appearance by the goddess Circe, who transforms humans into swine. Drawing key themes from Heidegger’s Being and Time, this new work by Jelinek employs humor and irony to portray a sense of unease with where pandemic era conspiracy theories and media sensationalism seem to be leading us all. 


A Note Regarding the Multilingual Performance of No Light
This multilingual production of No Light will be performed in seven languages: German, Japanese, English, French, Spanish, Russian, and Korean. The performance will feature Japanese surtitles. Recently, Chiten actress Abe Satoko appeared in director Hamaguchi Ryusuke’s film Drive My Car, with its climactic scene of a multilingual stage performance featuring actors from diverse backgrounds. Much like the performance depicted in that film, this multilingual performance will be a theatre experience in which the audience will follow along by reading subtitles as they soak in the sounds of actors speaking in different languages.
No Light takes inspiration from the format of satyr plays, a genre of classical Greek comic theatre performed alongside tragedy. In this work, an orchestra’s first violin and second violin attempt to communicate while neither is able to hear the other. By each speaking in a separate language, the actors in the multilingual production of No Light create this state of being unable to hear each other. We aim to create a piece in which the sounds of language at times take on meaning and at other times shed meaning entirely, but the listener is nonetheless in a constant state of inundation by words, whether or not they mean anything. We are excited to this share piece with audiences once again as if for the first time, now featuring actors who have been stripped of their usual spoken language.


No Light (original title: Kein Licht)
Multilingual Performance with Japanese subtitle
Text: Elfriede Jelinek
Direction: Motoi Miura
Music Direction: Masahiro Miwa
Cast: Satoko Abe, Dai Ishida, Koji Ogawara, Shie Kubota, Yohei Kobayashi, Yuki Tanaka, Saki Kohno
Chorus: Ryosuke Ishida, Mai Ito, Takuya Oi, Kazuki Ohata, Mina Kawabata, Chizuru Suga Oropesa, Nobutaka Nakahara, Yuji Fujisaki, Machiko Hei, Kiyomi Matsuda, Tomomi Yonezu
Stage design: Junpei Kiz
Costume design: Kyoko Domoto
Lighting design: Shinichiro Oishi (KAAT)
Lighting operator: Mari Iwata
Sound design: Reiko Tokuhisa (KAAT)
Subtitle supervisor: Masayuki Tsuzaki
Subtitle operator: Tsubasa Shimizu
Stage manager: Mitsuaki Adachi, Nobuaki Oshika
Graphic design: Hisaki Matsumoto
PR: Lika Lin
Administration: Yuna Tajima, Riki Toyama
December 16th Fri. 19:00
December 17th Sat. 18:00
December 18th Sun. 14:00
*Doors open 30 minutes before the start of the performance 
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High school students and younger: Advance 3,000 yen / At door 3,500 yen
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