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Overview The family sits motionless center stage. Lopakhin stamps on money lining the floor. Trofimov talks of the future to the blazing sky. A pile of window frames is both the mementos of the sold-off house and also the wreckage of a society’s vision. In this version of Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard the staging is highly symbolic in its use of design and lighting, and also strikingly features the refrain of a waltz. Premiered in 2007, it was revived at the Meyerhold Centre in Moscow in 2011 as Chiten’s first production in Russia. Following its success there, Chiten has taken work on tour to Russia every year since.




Photo by Tsukasa Aoki


2007.11.8-18 atelier GEKKEN
2008.10.18-22 Kichijoji Theater
2011.2.17 Mejerchoľd Center (Moscow)
2011.5.21-22 IMS Hall (Fukuoka)
Text Anton Pavlovich Chekhov
Transration Kiyoshi Jinzai
Direction Motoi Miura
Cast Satoko Abe
Dai Ishida
Yuko Iwasawa
Yusuke Oba
Yohei Kobayashi
Hiroe Tani
Staff Assistant Director: Takuya Murakawa
Lighting: Yukiko Yoshimoto
Movie: Shinpei Yamada
Stage Design: Itaru Sugiyama + Karasuya
Sound: Toshihiro Dooka
Costume: Kyoko Domoto
Stage Manager: Shuji Hamamura, Koro Suzuki [Tokyo], Nobuaki Oshika [Moscow, Fukuoka]
Advertising Design: Emi Naya
Production Co-ordinator: Yuna Tajima